Chronology of My Online Adventure

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Now is the year 2012. I started blogging in 2006. It has been roughly 6 years since I started blogging and kick started my online business adventure. There were some beautiful moments. There were also painful incidents. Nevertheless, I consider everything as precious experiences that I can learned from and begin my second phase of my online adventure. Let’s just say that the first 6 years as an adventurous learning process. The next 4 years will be the real game and true battle. I will start building my online business based on my own personal knowledge and experience plus other selective expert/guru experiences. I’ve set a new 4 year target from now (3rd quarter 2012) to reach a goal that I strongly believe could be achieved. Despite of my hectic schedule as a father to 4 wonderful kids, a husband and a chemical engineering academician/researcher/scientist, I will pursue my online adventure to the next level.

winningrecipeI’ve read or heard somewhere (which I could not recall now) that it take some time to grow a business. It may take several years for the business to grow to a comfortable and auto-cruise mode. It ain’t easy, surely. In average, somebody who ventured into business will fail 3 times before he/she succeeded in the 4th one. Again, I’m terribly sorry because I cannot provide the reference for this statement. Like above, I heard/read about this fact from somewhere few years ago. I’ve started and worked my ass in several businesses previously (after I graduated from my bachelor degree). I’ve done many things but failed. Now, I think it is the moment. I’m comfortable doing online business and I think this is indeed my cup of tea.

I would like to share plenty of things but lets just start with the vital chronology of my online adventure:

2006 – I accidentally involved in blogging via a platform due to my passion in writing. I know nothing about blog or blogging at that time. After 4 or 5 months, I knew about google adsense and incorporated it inside my blog.

2007 – I started tasting my google adsense income which was sent to me by Google Incorporation via cheque. I then started my own dot com with some struggle because I need to learn about hosting, cpanel, ftp etc. At the end of 2007, I earned adsense income on monthly basis.

2008 – I used google adwords with the desire to get some decent traffic to my adsense monetize blog. I also started my own event announcement blog for my hometown – which I JVed with 2 of my blogging colleague. In this year, I also founded Cyza Sector which is my personal musing blog.

2009 – I started using an autoresponder to capture name and email to build my list. I just followed what successful internet marketer said that money is inside the list. The fist autoresponder I used is Norabots, which I still used until now. I also start selling links and made some good money from it. At this year also I started my PhD studies.

2010 – At this point I have about 35 blogs and I’m ripping decent part time profit from them. Not all of them are profitable but some of them can be proud off. I began outsourcing some of the tasks to build and maintain my blog/online business.

2011 – I started using Getresponse for a more reliable handling of list for huger size. Before making the commitment, I tested Getresponse for a month Free of Charge. I started some new niche blogs as well and at the same time I scraped off some unprofitable blogs. I still sell links and earned good unexpected income from it. I started my off-line business networking with some government link corporation (GLC). I also started JV with some local partners to market our business through a win-win marketing campaign. We started to recruiting staff to help us maintain 3 of our blogs.

2012 – My time becomes more limited and I reshuffled my business to make it more effective and efficient. I registered my own company which I co-owned with a friend. We managed to secure a project to create and maintain a portal. I created an android app for one of our site. I started to focus on only certain projects rather than managing many small projects.

Future plans:

I’ll focus on 2-3 of my projects ONLY and work my ass until it reaches its goal. It’s a 4 year time frame and I need to create the results soon. I will also do plenty of outsourcing because I cannot do everything. I have identified some freelancers and I need to find more of them soon based on their expertise such as design, programming, article writing, video creation, backlinking, SEO, other technical issues and so on.

My previous mistake

consistencyDo you realize that I mention “mistake” and not “mistakes” on the title above? After 6 years worth of experiences, I realizes that I have made many wrong decisions and mistakes. I don’t plan to elaborate on the mistakes in this post. I will just highlight one very important mistake that I made. I hope you will learn from my sharing. Well, the main mistake that I made was not being consistent when working on a project.

Let me illustrate an example. I started 2 new sites in July 2011 which was a good niche to earn handsome clickbank income. I invested in new domains, articles as well as backlinking. I started to see those sites rank well in Google. However, 2 months later I ignored the project and did something else. That’s an example of it. If only I continued, be more persistent, be more consistent, I will see some decent earning from those 2 sites when it reaches the pinnacle of search engine ranking page (SERP).

Having to know that, I hope you can learn from my experience and mistake. Whenever you indulged in a project, ensure you finish it no matter how long the process and how difficult it is. Focus at the end. Success will wait us there. Believe in delayed gratification.

I welcome any comment and feedback in the comment section.

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22 Responses

  1. samdaddycool says:

    i’m lucky i read this. Very important message

  2. cyza says:

    Haha bro…just sharing some of my experiences….that’s all.

  3. Juan says:

    A few years ago I also make the same mistake.. 🙂

  4. cyza says:

    Oh, glad you realized that. Is there any other mistakes that you might want to share? Or any tips?

  5. diamond machining says:

    in last six year you have gain a good target in bloging field. this is not more typical but it is my mean that this can be achieve only with hard job,

  6. This is useful article and Great adventure! 😉

  7. I will also do a lot of freelancing because I cannot do everything. I have determined some freelance workers and I need to find more of them soon depending on their skills such as style, development, content, movie development, back-linking, SEO, other details and so on.

  8. I need an adventure game that you can play online and that’s set in the city. Also, any adventure games with a female as a main character. But the city game doesn’t have to be female. And it can be action or adventure.

  9. IT is hard to grow and stick with some things when other priorities trickle in. I think it is smart to hire people to help with your blogs and fill in where you can’t.

  10. Edwin says:

    Well written article! I would like to read more post in your blog so keep on posting cheers!

  11. Ana says:

    Great post! Congratulations on your success! I can say that in the last six years you have gained a lot uf success! Wish you more success. Good luck!

  12. You have design this post very easily your this post is looking so good. thanks for this interesting post,

  13. Congrats on your success. Making in the industry isn’t easy and takes a lot of time and work.

  14. Edwin says:

    really i feel very happy to read this post and congrats also.

  15. I read your post and find it very good source of info for quite a long time and must tell that your posts always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

  16. It is good to see posts that give truly quality information. Your tips are extremely valuable.

  17. I’m waiting for your next informative post,keep it up….

  18. artesanato says:

    Quite impressive work that you have been doing since 2006. I totally understand your need for new projects and sometimes abandoning some on the day for lack of persistency and patience. I suffer from the same problem.

  19. I began to see those websites position well in Search engines. However, 2 several weeks later I ignored the venture and did something else.

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