My newborn baby

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My newborn baby

After a drama of suspense, finally Thank to God Allmighty, my 4th baby was safely delivered. Zara Ariana was borned at 2.49pm 24th September 2012 at Pusat Perbidanan dan Bersalin, Taman Universiti. She weighs 3.8 kg, yes she’s relatively huge for a new born baby. She has a pair of chubby cheek.

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11 Responses

  1. samdaddycool says:

    Tahniah bro.. memang besar, 3.8 kg tu. Alhamdulillah semuanya selamat.

  2. cyza says:


  3. diamond machining says:

    your new born baby is looking so cute and i hope in his life he will find his good caareer,

  4. I’m a minor and live with my dad Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and with my mom Thursday and Friday. From there I switch off every other weekend. Would it be bad for my new born baby to go between to the houses with me?

  5. Edwin says:

    Wow.. Congrats.. So cute baby..)

  6. Congrats bro…God bless him…

  7. ASP web host says:

    Congrats SHE is precious

  8. artesanato says:

    Congratulations for your sweet beautiful angel!

  9. your new created child is looking so adorable and i wish in his lifestyle he will see his excellent caareer….

  10. What should I bring to the hospital for it to wear home? Did you have an outfit picked out for your newborn? What if it’s much smaller/larger than anticipated?

  11. I need an adventure game that you can play online and that’s set in the city. Also, any adventure games with a female as a main character. But the city game doesn’t have to be female. And it can be action or adventure.

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