Our Trip to Old Trafford Stadium, Manchester, UK

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I was quite frustrated not being able to witness my favourite team playing in early May when we jut arrived in UK. I planned to witness the Sunderland versus Manchester United game at Stadium of Light, Sunderland. However, I could not due to some technical fan-based error from myself.

Anyway, somewhere in June 2012, I booked online a visit to Old Trafford stadium – museum and stadium tour. I brought the entire family on a Friday afternoon. We traveled from Newcastle to Manchester on a wet rainy day hoping that the sun will appear when we arrived at the stadium.

OK, since I need to do something now…I may limit my writing, instead I posts here some of our photos for memory… What do you think of it?





























































































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8 Responses

  1. Zach says:

    Old Trafford was a mission statement, a declaration of ambition, a trait the club has never lost even during the dark moments which have punctuated the ensuing, eventful 100 years.

  2. Larry says:

    Wonderful photos… I like it so much…

  3. Thats true…its really the theatre of dreams…

  4. bestnyer kalau dapat pergi ni..

  5. If you care to visit the states ever. If anyone has any tips at all on other ways to find Tix please let me know. Anyone interested please write me.

  6. That looks like you guys had a great time, I have always wanted to tour a stadium like or similar to where you went.

  7. blogminator says:

    This is great stadium! I love it.

  8. Really great advice.And this is really good read for me.I’m planning a trip to Manchester next year.

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