My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Review – Before Purchasing it

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I want to be honest with you. I want to own this cool Samsung Galaxy Note 2. It will be my second Samsung smart phone after the one I purchased and used 1.5 years ago. I’m very eager and I’m waiting the release date of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 this month (October 2012). I have some cash allocated for it and I’ll be contacting my regular hand phone shop to alert me once Samsung Galaxy Note 2 arrives. But before that, let’s make a brief review on this top notch smart phone. This is my review before I purchase Samsung Galaxy Note in Malaysia. I will then later make another of my own personal review after purchasing and using it. Just wait for me ok.

Now that the Samsung Note 2 has arrived, this is high time we give you hands on review about the mean machine. No matter how corny it may sound, or how highly this might sound, The Samsung Note 2 is the best and the most powerful Smartphone around, hands down. With its wonderful 5.5 inch huge display and HD screen, it is sure to catch your attention from the very first view.

Samsung remains Samsung with this phone when it comes to the feel and design, and of course the functionality. The power key is still in the right hand side of the phone like the earlier models, and the headphone port and the home button are also very conveniently placed. It is very easy to handle the phone with a single palm, and the grip is also good.

The Exynos processor with this phone has received a well deserved upgrade, and the frequency has been shot up to a mighty 1.6 GHz, and the 2 GB of RAM only adds to the sheer power of the device. All the videos, the games, the graphics – works like a breeze. The Smartphone is only 9.4 mm thick, which is quite sleek when compared to other phones, and also the screen size, which is 5.5 inches, adds to the list of pros.

samsung-galaxy-note-2-hands-on-0Being made out of plastic the Samsung galaxy note 2 is light weight, and perfectly fits the pocket. The design is, however, very similar to that of the other Galaxy models, which could have been changed. The S pens lot is also well placed, and new functionalities like opening the S memo application automatically has been introduced. The air view is also greatly improved, and it is possible to see everything from messages to pictures, without even touching the display, and instead, hovering the S pen over the screen.

Movie viewing experience is another plus point of the model. Of course, the screen is huge when compared to the other Smartphone, and that surely adds to the movie viewing experience, but it is the power of the processor that is really credible. The 2 GB of RAM makes HD movie viewing experience something to remember, and come back to. Even the battery backup is amazing, and you can expect hours of movie viewing without interruptions.

The implementation of Android 4.1 Jellybean is also a new feature for this phone, something that the previous model lacked.  Addition of new apps like the Google map, Facebook and others will instantly please the social networking addicts. The only problem of this phone seems to be the size. It is still not a device that will be used by people as a normal phone, but for the more enjoyable tasks like texting, browsing, sending emails, listening to music and watching movies, this seems to be the perfect choice.

Last but not the least; the pricing is bit on a higher side. Priced at about $400 (that’s what I read from the internet in several websites), the device is out of reach for many, but can really up your glam quotient. I’m expecting it to be about RM2,000 to 2,300 in Malaysia.

Saying all above… I think you need to check out live and real by yourself by watching the brief video above. Pretty awesome stuff…

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5 Responses

  1. Budeen says:

    Cool.. I’m writting this from my very own note 2.. 😉

  2. Edwin says:

    wow.. awesome!

  3. Your writing style is super.This is Easy to read that any blogger can follow.I really appreciate it.Thanks for sharing.

  4. Would be great if you continued this series, it was quite good

  1. April 26, 2013

    […] want to share a very good movie that I just watched recently. This time I watched the movie via my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 before sleep. I browsed and found an interesting movie titled called “Habibie & […]

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