3 Reasons I don’t want to get myself the new Samsung Galaxy Grand

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I just learned recently about the release of Samsung Galaxy Grand. Seriously, I never heard of it. I anticipated the release of Samsung Galaxy S4. I don’t really know how great this latest Samsung Galaxy Grand is.

Do I care?

I prefer not to. Many reasons for that. I decided not to read any of the reviews or the videos. Maybe you want to know why… Haha… Well here are 7 reasons I don’t want to get Samsung Galaxy Grand or know the price of it…

1) I already own Samsung Galaxy Note 2. I am one of the earlier owner of Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

2) I am too busy with my reaction kinetic studies which is to be inserted as the final jigsaw puzzle in my ph.D thesis. So, I need to spend my time wisely. p/s… then what about blogging… Blogging is a remedy to my headache… I enjoy blogging…

3) I don’t want to fork out extra money amounting to more than RM2,ooo just for a new and latest gadget such as this Samsung Galaxy Grand. I don’t know the price… So, please don’t assume that the amount stated there is the price of Samsung Galaxy Grand. I need to save some money for the renovation of my new house + it’s furnitures.

However, if you want to know more about this smart phone, please click here. I have make your life easier by listing all the review sites for you as well as related videos, courtesy of Google… ­čÖé

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