Brand new Lenovo Yoga in house

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Brand new Lenovo Yoga in houseYesterday, I accompanied my wife to check out some new laptop to replace her 6 years old Toshiba Portege laptop which has began showing few functionality problems, mainly due to its age. Her work was disrupted because the Toshiba Portege laptop always shut downs without warning besides some other minor issues. 

Hence, I have surveyed a few ultra laptops for her and narrowed down to a Lenovo Yoga, a fantastic laptop that has unique physical ability.

The Lenovo Yoga, like its name can actually do yoga by bending it up to 360 degree and also function both as a laptop and tablet. I am not the expert to talk about the technical specification. Hence, to learn more about the real and exact detail specification of this lonovo yoga, just click here.

 The Lenovo Yoga come in with 2 colours, black and orange. My wife chose orange because it looks nicer and suits her personality.

In US the Lenovo Yoga is priced at $999. However, the one that we purchased cost RM3399. It does not come with a built in DVD/R/W. However, when we purchase it, a portable DVDRW was given as well. It is Windows 8 operated and this is the first time me and my wife used a Window 8 laptop / computer. So, we better get use to it now. Enough said for now. More review about this will come later as we try it out.

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2 Responses

  1. titan says: 8 lagi tu. yang 7 ni pun gua tak habis pakai lagi.

  2. cyza says:

    Payah nak cari laptop baru dengan Window 7 nowadays bro… So just get use to the new windows 8 la.

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