Evolution of making decision in our live

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Decisions sign in the skyLife is about making decisions based on the options that are available in front of us using our rational thinking, priority and objectives that we have set. Sometimes the decision is fine and sometimes it is hard to swallow. Sometimes it is acceptable to those involved and sometimes it is unacceptable to those effected. But when a decision is made, there is a solid reason behind it, sometimes it is declared and sometimes it remains in my heart.

Early this year, I have set up several goals that I want to achieve this year that comprises of several segments namely (1) my real career (2) goals for me and my family (house project, Kancil project,  Project “G”. and kids) and (3) my online business. I think this is the biggest set of goals that I have ever written on paper for a particular year and all of them are very specific. I purposely make them specific so that I can target to achieve them one by one realistically, and hopefully those goals can lead to achieving my ultimate goals which will happen in several years time and also the life after death.

If you wonder what are those targets, I prefer not to reveal all of them. Enough if I just mention I want to complete and get my doctorate degree this year. InsyaAllah it will happen with hard work +  smart work and permission from the God Almighty.  Setting up those goal forced me to prioritize my work and time appropriately. That’s indeed good for me and those around me, hopefully. That all came from decision making. I decided to set of those goals and strive to achieve it.

When we were a kid, the freedom of decision making is very limited. We were often subjected to the decision of our parents. That’s why we often feel like growing up faster so that we can become more independent and can make our own decision.

Then we grew to be a teenager and enrolled to the university or higher learning institution. We began to stand by our own and felt that we have more freedom. Yeah…I felt that. It was great. When everything seems to be fun and exciting. Decision making is easier made as our parents are not really that close in distance to us.

Then upon graduating, we seek for a job based on the field that we have earlier decided. If you decide few years ago to be an engineer, then chances are you will be an engineer. If you choose accountancy, chances are you will be an accountant. I liked architecture but I decided to pursue chemical engineering. That’s a life time decision. Now I am a chemical engineer practicing in the academic and research arena.

Then comes the time where we need to make one huge gigantic decision. One such huge decision is getting married to the one you love, the one that you will spend your life forever. That decision will definitely effect your immediate family members. This one need to be a really wise decision. We need to consider our parents and close family members precious inputs before making this decision. Importantly we also need to pray and ask for God’s guidance on making such massive life time decision.

Then when we are married and have kids of our own, the responsibility of making wise and correct decision becomes tougher. But we cannot simply run from it. We must face it. We must be responsible and accountable for all everything. We must make many decisions in our life as a family man or family woman. Some decision will be unacceptable by our spouse or children. They may feel that we are not favouring them or not supporting them. At this stage, we may also need to make some decision together with our spouse. This requires  great understanding since we are making decision together. This requires great deal of art and science.

To be continued.

Image credited to introtopolicyinformatics.wikispaces.asu.edu.

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