Kancil Upgrading Project – Tinted

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Kancil Upgrading Project - TintedYesterday, my working mood was not really there. There is no point staring at the book or laptop with the mind cannot focus on the thing that I am supposed to do Рmy research. Hence, to  optimize my time, I decided to cover my Kancil window with a nice dark tinted film.

I just want my little silver kancil to be slightly sexy. This is part of the Kancil Upgrading Project. The tinted cost me just RM78. I chose the cheapest one. It covers all 4 windows + the rear window + some 1″ dark black tinted film at the front.

Previously I have just got my Kancil a new set of sport rim. You can see it in the picture. The sport rim is so cool that I just love starring at it… haha… The cost for the sport rim + new set of tires were RM1290. The new sport rims + tires was a must since this happen.

I have also changed the left drive shaft which is already not performing well. The cost of the drive shaft + replacement oil were RM290. Now the irritating sound that the spoil drive shaft made earlier has disappeared. The side strip at the side of the Kancil body has also been fixed.

Next in the line of TO DO list for my Kancil Upgrading Project are:

  • Spring replacement
  • Rear adsorber replacement
  • Skirting and spoiler installation
  • Perhaps a new paint

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  1. April 24, 2013

    […] So, for now, we have a huge Toyota Alphard and a cute sexy Kancil. […]

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