Our 12th Year Anniversary – Comparison between now and 12 years ago

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Yesterday was indeed our 12th year anniversary for me and my other half. Time flies really fast that suddenly it has already been 12 years we’ve been together. In those 12 years, we were rewarded 4 beautiful children aged between 11 and 7 months old. We also was blessed with a lot of “rezeki” in many forms which include health, love, decent jobs etc. Praise be to God for all of that.

There has been massive improvement in our life since the past 12 years. Following are some of the memories on the situation on our very early days of marriage:

  • First TV – 14″ which was purchased at Careffour, Johor Bahru for RM354. That was the cheapest TV in town that time.
  • First dining table – a small wooden set of table and 4 chairs that cost RM199. I forgot from where we purchased that.
  • First washing machine and refrigerator were purchased on installment basis – 3 payments. Not using credit card.
  • First house was a rented house in Taman Desa Skudai, a single storey intermediate which cost us RM500 per month.
  • First sofa was purchased from a huge furniture shop in Taman Universiti, also 3 payments at the cost of RM2200 if I am not mistaken.
  • First bed set was a reconditioned king sized set given by my parents on our wedding day.
  • First car was a Proton Iswara aeroback with installment of about RM522 per month. No sport rim.
  • Our combine salary was RM3300 when we just got married.

We were happily and excited couple back then being a newly wed couple. I still remember the excitement and joy of making life choices and decision together.

Today, after 12 years being together, we are still happily married and excited to explore and experience life together with our children and family. 12 years ago, we just started to learn to live and establish a family. Alhamdulillah, now there are 6 in the family and a maid to help on domestic work. We are further establishing and strengthening our family values (akhirat) as well as asset (duniawi). We are trying and working hard on both areas. In comparison to the above bullet point facts from 12 years ago, here are our present state:

  • ┬áPresent TV – 42″ Plasma TV (ground floor) and 25″ bulb tube TV (upper floor)
  • Present dining table – Decent wooden table that can accommodate 6 people.
  • Present washing machine – downgraded to a semi-automatic one due to the earlier one has malfunction despite of several efforts of repairing. However, we found using the semi-automatic washing machine, our clothes are cleaner. Our maid operates the washing machine while I do the maintenance of it.
  • Present house is our own house, a double storey intermediate house which we have occupied for 8 years. InsyaAllah we will be moving to our new house soon.
  • Present sofa is still the sofa that we used when we first got married. Hence the sofa has been around for 12 years already. We have ordered a new set of sofa for our new house.
  • Present bed set has been down graded to a queen size bed set. This is due to the older king size bed set could not be use anymore. That’s fine because we can be closer to each other when we sleep. Even very close now because our baby is sleeping with us. So there are the 3 of us in a queen size bed.
  • Present vehicles are a Proton Exora and Perodua Kancil.
  • Present combine salary. I prefer not to reveal. However it is now 5 figures I can say (combined salary). Not included with that, my wife has a service business and I am running my online business as well. So, alhamdulillah, sometimes our income is supported by those coming from our respective business.

I guess that’s it just for now. It was a good sharing that made me recall briefly on what we have achieved and rewarded by God all this while. Thanks for reading my sharing…


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2 Responses

  1. cyza says:

    Happy Anniversary my dearest hubby….love you sooooooo very much….TRULY. Thanks for being such a wonderful partner of life to me and a fun father for the kids…. I am truly blessed.

  1. April 21, 2014

    […] Today, 13 years ago,we were officially married. It was initially tough but everything eventually turned out Alhamdulillah fine. Read my blogpost reflection after 12 years anniversary. […]

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