Our House Project – Week #7

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This is the present progress of the renovation and enlargement of the kitchen-family area. One bedroom is sacrificed to make way for this quest. The kitchen is also extended to the back a little bit. An extra bathroom will be built at the extra area at back.

Actually, by removing the air-way and making the back extension, I fear that the interior daylight lighting will be effected. Originally, the house was really well designed to be as green as possible in terms of not using any lighting during the day. There are plenty of windows and sliding doors.¬† I’m now thinking of improving this situation since I anticipate that the house will be darker during the day. I may need to consider the Anidolic Daylight System (ADS) implemented in our house. I’m not sure whether it is feasible or not but it is worth investigating.














This is another angle of the bedroom that is sacrificed to enlarge our kitchen – family area.

In case you missed the previous week progress, you can click on the following links below:

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  1. April 24, 2013

    […] my house project, I am also working on to upgrade my 8 years old metallic silver Perodua Kancil. This I call the […]

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