Kancil Project – New Sport Spring, New Rear Absorber & New Front Brake Pad

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Kancil Project - New Sport Spring, New Rear Absorber & New Front Brake PadAfter getting my Kancil a brand new sport rim few weeks ago, I found out whenever I turned my car hardly or vigorously to the right, I felt like the rear left Tyre touches the upper car lip frame.

I brought my Silver Kancil to a local nearby workshop few weeks ago and they said it is probably the adsorber that is not working anymore. They showed me the section where the absorber looks like it needs to be replaced. I was convinced with that. I thought I need to get my Kancil a new set of absorber which will cost me RM180.

Today, I brought my Silver Kancil for some treatment. I changed all 4 springs and also both rear absorbers. It can be seen clearly in the photo. The spring is red in colour while the kancil absorber is bright yellow. The spring costs me RM200 (before bargaining it cost me RM280). The absorber is RM180 which is the standard price, about the same as other places that I inquired.

While fixing the front spring, the technician said that my brake pad has worn out. Yes, I agreed with him because whenever I break, I can hear the scary screechy sound. At the same time, I have not yet replace the break pad. That is after 103,000 km. So, this is the first time the break pad was changed. It cost me RM70.

After changing all those things, I tested drive the car with the supervisor of the workshop. That sound is still there. The left rear tyre still touches the lip cover whenever I turned right. Then I was told that the sport rim is wider than the original Kancil tyre which is thinner. One possible solution is to adjust the angle of both rear tyre so that both of them nicely fit and won’t collide with the lip cover. I will do that soon. Just now, I don’t have the time yet.

Conclusion from this experience:

I replaced absorber which is still good. My Kancil homework was poor… ;(

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  1. June 1, 2013

    […] It was also the same workshop where I purchased my sport rim for my Kancil and also changed the new absorber, spring etc. So, I am pretty comfortable doing the servicing job at this […]

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