New Carpet Grass In Front of the House

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New Carpet Grass In Front of  the HouseAs stated yesterday, I wanted to settle this gardening part in front of my house.  8 years ago when we first move into this house, we have planted some carpet grass and also various flowers at the same place. However, as times goes by, I don’t have the time to meddle with this small garden. The flower trees were not taken care properly and it turned to be like a mini jungle.

I asked my maid to remove all the small trees / flower trees few weeks ago with one aim, to clear everything and just maintain one lot of carpet grass as you can see there in the photo.

I forgot the cost of the carpet grass that we purchased 8 years ago. However, I have prepared mentally to pay about RM100 for the carpet grass.

I visited a nearby nursery on the side of the road heading to Pontian. I checked out the nursery and asked the Chinese lady who owns the place for carpet grass.

She showed me the area where the carpet grass was located and I asked her the cost. The cost for 1 role (1 x 5 feet) of carpet grass is RM7. Wow!!! In my mind, that’s cheap. I don’t know whether in actual that is actually cheap or expansive. Maybe because I already have a mind set to prepare to spend RM100, paying 5 roles of carpet grass is just RM35. I choose the better and greener carpet grass and loaded into my Kancil, which just had its spring, absorber and brake pad replaced  earlier.

Upon reaching home, I immediately role the carpet grass on that small piece of land. The we water the area so that the grass will live peacefully happy ever after. Now, it looks prettier in front of our house.

Next step is to get some nice colourful flower to fill the 2 vasts next to the trash bin. For that I have assigned my maid to seek for our neighbour’s flower, perhaps “Bunga Kertas”.

Just wait and see… 😉

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