Seek for the Best Marketing Tecnique

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Marketing and strategyIn the science and arts of making money online (MMO), we cannot ignore the importance of marketing our or other people’s products or services. This is seriously one very important method that we often need to try and error as well as spent huge amount of dollars in order to make some sales.

I strongly believe that you may have attempted to promote or market some products. How did it go? Was it successful? Did you managed to make some sales? Did you make lots of sales that made you become super affiliate? Or did you fail to sell the product/service?

I am no different from you.

I have been there. I have lost hundreds or maybe thousand of dollars trying to market products just to make some commission. I did make some sales but it was not as what I really wanted. I realized that my technique was not right. My strategy and approach was wrong or perhaps not suitable for me. What those gurus out there who have making zillions of dollars said may not suit my nature or style, maybe because I cannot commit to what they taught me in their ebooks or videos.

Another problem is that many people keep on experimenting and using multiple techniques at the same time. Yeahhh… I must admit, I also made that type of mistake. I pretty much tried almost all the latest marketing technique and end up failing all of them.


Because I did not focus on one single marketing technique. I am not a full time online marketer (I part time fraction of part time). I cannot cope with everything. I have a career and family (1+4) to take care. So, what was supposed to be done is master ONE marketing technique damn good that I can be an expert in it. Yes, you should also do that, if you are like me, busy, hectic, no time, limited time and have only 30 minutes to 1 hour a day to work on build and establish your online empire.

Just learn one marketing technique and learn it by hard. Learn it until you be good, expert and finally a master of that technique. Practice it until you can make substantial sales online (or offline). By this time, you have already achieve what many people would like to achieve.

Then, as a master of that particular technique, you can/should innovate or improvise it to make it better.

Try it. Test it. Tweak it.

When this new improvised marketing technique of yours work, this is the chance for you to create your very own unique product and sell it. Can you agree with me on this. It’s damn super simple thing. No need rocket science degree to understand the logic.

Now, here are some common marketing techniques that WORKS (if you master it and practice it) that you can start and consider to learn.

  • Google pay per click (PPC) / Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email marketing
  • Tumblr marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Google + marketing
  • Ebook

These are just a few… I don’t want to cramp your head and make your life difficult to think which one to choose. Alternatively, you can also search for other methods as well. Good luck.

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