Silver Is Great Bargain, Check It Out.

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One good attribute of successful people is the ability to diversify his or her investment. The triumph of making money is one thing. However, growing and investing the money so that the money works for you is another thing. One orthodox but brilliant anti inflation way of investing is by purchasing gold and silver. The purchase of gold is tempting but the downside is gold can be very expansive.

An alternative to gold is non other than silver investment. I have been both silver and gold investor for the past 2 years. I am fired up and passionate when it comes to the investment of both metals. Silver investment has gradually gaining popularity. However, less information about it are available. Less buzz as well about silver investment.

However, it is imperative for me to inform in case you are not aware that the price of silver is relatively low now. One of the most fundamental reasons why we should invest in silver is because silver price is artificially pushed down.

Think about these facts for gold:

In 1950, there are 1 billion oz gold, the price for gold was $850. Now 2012, there are 7 billion oz gold. the price for gold is $1570. This is totally logical due to inflation and the expansion of currency supply.

Now see the facts for silver:

In 1980, there are 3.5 billion oz silver, the price for silver was $50. Now 2012, there are 0.7 billion oz silver. the price for silver is $26.

Does it make any sense to you?

Thanks to the silver price manipulation, silver is a great bargain now!

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