Time to service the Pearl White Toyota Alphard

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Time to service the Pearl White Toyota Alphard

Since we purchased this new Pearl White Toyota Alphard over 5 weeks ago, I have not serviced the car. It is already pending for servicing. In fact we have over drove it for about 4,000 km from the recommended service millage.

Honestly, I am very confuse on where to service this giant. I did asked several people who owned the toyota alphard. Some recommended to service at Toyota service centre, some also did promote Mutiara Motor service center and there were also those who recommended to service at normal tyre and service workshop. Since I was desperate to service my White Alphard, I originally planned to service at Mutiara Motor service center. However, maybe it was closed today because of the Agung’s birthday. A lot of tyre and service center workshop are also closed today. Since I don’t want to prolong the process. Hence, I opted to go to the only tyre and service workshop that is only open in Taman Universiti, Skudai. It was also the same workshop where I purchased my sport rim for my Kancil and also changed the new absorber, spring etc. So, I am pretty comfortable doing the servicing job at this place.

Hmmm… I have created a brand new category in Cyza Sector. It is “Toyota Alphard” . So, after this, I will share and categorized all my posts related to the Pearl White Toyota Alphard in this new category. This can be useful for other owners of Toyota Alphard as well…

The Toyota Alphard air filter must be changed. It is so dirty. Will get it at the spare part shop tomorrow and DIY it.

LiquiMoly Engine Flush to clear the previous engine oil

I used this 5L fully synthetic LiquiMoly to service our Pearl White Toyota Alphard.

In overall, I consider myself very naive for the time being in the Toyota Alphard matters especially when it comes to servicing it. However, I’m learning and the joy of learning is so far great and interesting. Oh yea… the cost of the servicing is all together RM360. Considering this was my first maiden service for the big giant, I know how to get it cheaper after reading other blogs and also by discussion with friends who also owns this grand Toyota Alphard.

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  1. Boss says:

    Oo kedai ni.. Liqui Moly .. terbaik!

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