Thinking of A New Controversial Cyza Sector Contest

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Nice weekend huh… Maybe it’s for you but I’m struggling to make myself awake to sort out my reaction kinetics calculation which is not settled for quite sometime. While I am in dizzy state of mine, I visited this Cyza Sector and realized that I have not been doing some proper update and maintenance here. Ouch!!!

The Alexa rank has dropped (4,071,648) 🙁 , so does the other vital statistics that we use to measure the performance of a website or blog.

I’m not sure if I can really maintain my blog regularly now since I am super fully occupied with my PhD as well as at home need to give some helping hand to take care of Zara (our baby). Nevertheless, once in a while I update this blog via instagram photo as you can see.

To cut things short, I am thinking of a controversial or perhaps an attractive contest to spike some traffic and stir some momentum back to Cyza Sector. Any ideas? Any sponsors?

I don’t think anyone want to sponsor, so I believe I will be my own sponsor.

Since I have a number of blogs that I do not have time to maintain, I will choose a blog in my possession to give it away as a prize for the contest. So, the winner will get a blog + domain from me but not the hosting. Winners must have his/her own hosting.

So far this is just something that I plan to do. Throw in some useful feedback in the comment box will you.

Cheers for now. Need to get back to my calculations.

Photo description: The upper floor of our new green house is almost completed…

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