Bobo the black cat

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After we left our old house which were full of stray cats (behind the house), we thought that we won’t be facing with other stray cats in our slightly elite house. The section of our residential area is pretty much newly developed. We saw no signs of stray cats around. Not even one on our sight in the beginning.

But then, a male black cat appeared out of no where. The cat was very tame and not scared of any of us “humans”. He became so friendly and constantly rubbing his body to us. It was then he was named BOBO by our next door neighbour son. Bobo begins his adventure in our small castle.



Bobo with his hunting gesture. Maybe he’s searching for food

¬†We never provide Bobo any special food such as Frieskies or those sort of food. We pity him. He must me hungry. He needs food. He needs water. He’s lonely. He needs shelter. He needs love.

We only provide Bobo with left over foods, specially chicken bones or fish heads or uneaten meat. Bobo is quite ridiculously picky as he never eat rice that we blend together with tasty savory chicken bones or fish head. Never mine that because there will be other creatures, similar species like Bobo or other species that will finish Bobo’s left over meal.

Zara’s Excitement

Zara, our baby is quite difficult to be left at home whenever we want to go to work. She’ll cry and crank like nobodies business. Our maid have to entertain her and change her focus. Fortunately Bobo was there. Zara always became distracted from us living the house and shifted her focus on Bobo. She does not fear Bobo or other cats. She loves playing with Bobo. She touched and squeezed Bobo, but as long as it does not hurt Bobo that much, Bobo accepted the Zara’s physical approach.


Bobo following me while I was snapping his cat walk photo

Bobo – Where was he from?

We tried to Google about Bobo’s whereabouts and originality but we could not find any information. haha… Acu (my sister in law) believes that Bobo was once a cat that lives with a human family. He was a pet. But some how he either got lost but his master (owner) did not want Bobo anymore. Bobo’s mustache shows inconsistent length and pattern. Maybe several of his mustaches have been cut. It is believed that when a cat’s mustache is cut, the cat could not find his way home. Maybe because of that, he is permanently stuck around our house. After all, Bobo’s action does not resemble at all a character of a stray cat. He’s more a house cat.


Bobo – the protector

Protect us from what? Cat is a hunter. It hunts for food. The food is in the shape of animal that he can eat and play. He actually protects us from rats. We thought that there would never be any rats in our housing area. However, our neighbours complained that they witness rats running around. Then one day our maid claimed she glanced on a rat behind of our house. It was split second moment. Nothing much could have been done.

On one peaceful night, we heard some consistent noise. I went out of the house to check what screeching sound this was. To my surprize, Bobo is actually holding firm or a rat in the drain at the corner of our house garden. We told Bobo to deal himself with the rat. Hopefully Bobo killed the rat. At least Bobo’s present as well as other stray cats around here guards our house from all this unwanted rats.

Bobo – His future

We have thought of providing Bobo suitable cat food. We also thought of giving him a good warm bath so that he will be cleaner and pleasant to be touched. We’ll provide him with clean water. He might not be as beautiful as a spoiled Persian cat.

So far he seems to be a good cat. We never see him left his poop at our place. He does scratch our out door sofas. But when we saw it we immediately scold him. We hope Bobo can be a good companion to us and the neighborhood.

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  1. John says:

    Nice looking cat there. I believe your family likes the cat very much.

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