Cyza Sector Performances So Far

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blog seoCyza Sector is quite an old blog. It is almost 7 years already. However, due to lack of time and also lack of focus, me, the owner did not consistently update it for about 2 years, mainly due to two factors, completing my Ph.D and poor internet line. Recently, I decided to make a return and start to blogging consistently. I know Cyza Sector’s poor statistic has been better previously. It needed to be improved.

For record, I am going to publish the statistics of Cyza Sector after 15 days (after my 2014 come back off course). There are not so many statistics to report. I just stick to the basics ones:

Alexa rank                                                                                                                        Alexa rank (15 days ago) = 10,647,838                                                           Alexa rank today = 6,425,800                                                                                        % Improvement = 39.65% increase

Google Page Rank                                                                                                              Google PR (15 days ago) =  1                                                                                    Google PR today = 1                                                                                                             % Improvement = 0% increase

Monetization                                                                                                                Presently, zero dollar is generated from Cyza Sector. What a pity.

Google Analytics                                                                                                                 15 days ago = 12 average visits per day (1 Jan-7 March)                                 Today = 32 average visits per day (8 – 20 March)                                              % Improvement = 166.67% increase

The information obtained under the heading Google Analytics above is not 100% obtained from Google Analytics. The 15 days ago was extracted from Analytics while the Today one was taken from Google Adsense. The present statistic is not available from Analytics. I assume it might have occured after I changed WordPress theme on the day I rejuvenated Cyza Sector (15 days ago).

For the time being, I’ll stick with the above basic statistics. There are more vital statistics that I am using but the data is either not impressive or not complete, so it is better to keep it for now. I have high hopes for Cyza Sector and I hope it can be one of the best blogs in Malaysia and the World. Off course, hard work and excellent strategy is essential and required.

Future Strategies

I have planned several strategies in future to improve the performance of Cyza Sector. I have been doing some deep thinking whether to go for quantity or quality. There are some great blogs out there who publishes on a daily basis. In the other hand there are also blogs that publishes on lesser frequency but produces such a high quality post. Considering my time and capacity, I opt for quality. I strongly believe that readers will love quality articles and posts. When they love the articles, they will not hesitate to share it. That will be good for this blog and hopefully strengthened and established Cyza Sector as a new up-growing blog. Hopefully. If God Will.

I may introduce few other things to add new dimension to Cyza Sector. In my head I have something like producing videos, podcast, ebooks, build list, create an app and numerous more. We’ll see how it will goes ok. It depends pretty much on my limited time and how good I can manage my time as well as expertise. I’m still learning and I hope I can learn fast.

I will also conduct some experiment. I used to earn monthly income from Google Adsense. However, since the Panda and Pinguin tragedy, my passive Adsense income was badly effected. Hence, I’m planning to reverse that. I will get a new domain, new niche and try to build back my adsense blog/income. I will share with you the process of doing it. There’s no guarantee that I will succeed but I hope we can learn something together from it. How does that sound?


While it can be said that what I plan to do is ambitious, it would be great if you can provide some feedbacks on what I intend to do. Some of you may have attempted on some of the things that I planned to do. Some of you may have heard your friends doing it and would like to give me advice. I sincerely welcome any advice, thoughts, idea and comments. Such feedbacks from you can make me reflect back on whether my approach is heading to a positive or negative directions. Let’s see a new Cyza Sector from now on… 🙂

If you feel that this article is useful, feel free to share it with your family and friends. Sharing is caring. You can also subscribe to my content via email (check top left sidebar) , via rss, follow me at Facebook Page and get all my updates ;)

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6 Responses

  1. myrujukan says:

    wow, 7 years, we can called it OTAI, hehe

  2. cyza says:

    Bro, I don’t deserved the OTAI title… I’m still a learner, will always be one.

  3. profhariz says:

    Wah. Sangat lama tu. Lebih lama dari benashaari 🙂

  4. cyza says:

    Lama tapi stagnant je…

  5. titan says:

    ramai yang dah tak kenal hang ehh. hehe..

    hang bertapa lama sangat ni..

  6. cyza says:

    I am under the radar bro. Sometimes hibernate. Absorbing internal energy.

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