How to Maintain and Take Care of Carpet Grass

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I am glad that our new house has a reasonable amount of outdoor space. Hence, before moved into the new house, we paid a local contractor to fixed our compound with carpet grass. The cost to have 1 ft2 of grass is RM3. That was last year’s price. The contractor do everything from removing unwanted plants, replacing the top soil, spreading and leveling sand and finally, placing and arranging the carpet grass. We covered about 1000 ft2 of our compound with carpet grass and that cost us RM3,000 just for the grass. This is not including the small land area outside of our fence.


After the grass cutter cuts the grass the day before, I swept our green area since there were still plenty of unwanted grass remained unswept. The carpet grass don’t look so green because it is covered by the dry/dead cut carpet grass.

carpet grass maintenance

Healthy carpet grass

carpet grass price

Example of a nice carpet grass (source)

It is not easy to maintain carpet grass, but it is possible to make it look nice.

Here are some of the things you need to consider when planting the carpet grass.

  • Make sure to remove all unwanted plants on the soil you want to grow the carpet grass. This is to avoid them from growing in between your beloved carpet grass…hehe.
  • After you remove the unwanted plants, apply sufficient sand on the soil. The more sand the better, but it depends on your garden design and also your budget to buy the sand.
  • The sand need to be leveled. This is quite difficult to do, but it is still possible. You need to use a long and even material like plywood to help make the sand get equally level and even.
  • After you have done this, pour some fertilizer to make the sand fertile for the carpet grass.
  • Then you get the carpet grass which is usually 1 ft times 5 ft and arranged them nicely on the sand.
  • After everything is already arranged, again, apply some fertilizers.
  • Remember do not put too many fertilizers. It can kill the carpet grass. Just grab few in your fist and then throw them evenly to the carpet grass.
  • Then you water you carpet grass. The amount depend on the weather.  If it is very dry and no rain, you need to water the carpet grass more frequent. However, if it is a rainy season, there is possibility you don’t need to water the carpet grass at all.
  • After quite some time, you will discover unwanted plant grows in between your carpet grass. You need to removed the unwanted plants by plucking them from the root. If you pluck them from the root, chances of them to grow again is slim. However, if you failed to pluck them from the root, it will surely grow again and you need to repeat plucking them from time to time.
  • So, whenever you water your carpet grass or walk around them, you need to spot any unwanted plants and consistently pluck them away so your carpet grass scenery won’t be affected by the unwanted wild plant.
  • When your carpet grass grows well, it will become long and high. Now you need to cut them, to make them shorter. If you don’t the carpet grass will eventually looks unpleasant.
  • Carpet grass is not like other types of grass. It must be cut and maintain short. If you allow it to become long, the bottom part of it will be dry and become brownish yellow and when you cut the carpet grass, that is the part that will appear, a brownish yellow dry section of the carpet grass.
  • How to cut? It is good to have a machine to cut it. But I don’t have it and it is quite expansive. So, I hired a grass cutter to do the job and pay him RM50.

That’s it for some tips on how to maintain the carpet grass. Good luck Azwan 😉

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    Nice tips and advice. Cantiknyaa rumah sis.

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    Hmm… sis?
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