I’m back, 2014

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Yeah… Still hectic as usual, especially after completing my Ph.D and getting active at work. Life goes on. Work is work. Work will never end. It will, when we are 6 feet under. Ain’t it?

So, the Celcom broadband that just arrived at our new house 2 days ago has boosted my blogging spirit. Oh yea… or your info, I don’t blog from office. I only blog and ramble and muse mainly from home (sweet home).

It requires nobody to raise the issue that Cyza Sector has halted. I know it. I simply have some difficulty blogging from home without the Streamyx broadband (at my old house) which its line was corrupted by lightning (that was what the telekom contractor claimed). We didn’t give a damn on repairing or reconnecting the line since we are going to move on to our new house.celcom-wifi-broadband-price

Our new celcom wifi broadband

Unfortunately, the area of our new house was kind of ignored (not sure for how long) by Telekom. We were left unconnected for almost 4 months here. The only way to stay connected is via subscribing to celcom broadband via my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smart phone or my wife’s Samsung S3. Both takes turn to stay online and get our motherboard fuming due to tethering.house-for-rent-johor-bahru

Our new home sweet home

Oh yes, before this I opted for the simple yet unattractive way of maintaining my blog, via Instagram. By linking each and every published photo in my Instagram account to Cyza Sector, I indirectly ensured that once in a while, this blog is updated.

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2 Responses

  1. March 21, 2014

    […] years, mainly due to two factors, completing my Ph.D and poor internet line. Recently, I decided to make a return and start to blogging consistently. I know Cyza Sector’s poor statistic has been better […]

  2. May 18, 2014

    […] couple of months ago, I mentioned about a new wireless broadband that I used at home. However, we were very disappointed with the speed and also most of the time it […]

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