MAS MH370 Disappearance a mystery

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Malaysia is shocked!

The World is shocked!

I first heard about the information via whatsapp from my younger brother. I was shocked and surprised. I then conveyed the news to my wife. She was surprised as well. Since then we followed the progress of the incident via television and radio as well as our slow internet.


MAS MH370 mystery disappearance (image source)


Information board indicating that flight MH370 of MAS is delayed, at Beijing Capital International Airport, China (source)

My first impression was… Oh my God! MAS has such a marvelous track record. This could not be happening. We don’t want to think of the worse scenario. We want to stay positive. Nevertheless, deep inside my heart, I feel so sad and hope that this is not happening. I wish that something else, something positive took place and everybody on-board are safe and sound.

There are numerous theories on what have happened. I am not going to discussed it here. I prefer to respect the family of those affected and let the relevant authorities do so. I know many people out there believe something has happened. The social media have played its part to disseminate various updates and information. Our theories are pretty much influence by the social and official medias.

The mystery of MAS MH370 disappearance

I just want to put forward some questions. I am not throwing out statements.

  • What actually happened? There seems to be no sign of crisis from the last communication with MH370.
  • Stolen passports!!!
  • The stolen passports purchased the ticket together!!!
  • 5 Passengers supposed to board MH370 did not board the aircraft.
  • MH370 turned back to airport???
  • Increase searching area up to Selat Melaka? What?
  • Are there updates and information kept away from us?
  • Is this a terrorist act?
  • Is this an evil conspiracy?
  • What’s the actual truth?

Does everything make sense?

Bits and pieces of information were fed via the medias. But so far I believe the stack holders are not happy with what are being told. We can’t really blame MAS for this. Any airlines in the world will have problem informing the public if the aircraft is not found.

All hopes and prayers from us

As a very concern civilization, what we can do is hope and pray to God for the safety and well being of all 239 lives on-board of MH370. Let’s hope for miracle and everybody is safe and sound. Ameen.

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2 Responses

  1. titan says:

    kita tunggu dan lihat ajelah jawabnya.

    masih tak tahu apa-apa lagi.

  1. March 10, 2014

    […] are still haunted from the mysterious disappearance of MH370. It has been 4 days since it went unknown. Numerous speculations and theories have spread, mainly […]

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