Plenty does not mean big, tiny does not mean small

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Wondering what is the message forwarded by the title above?

It’s simply my blogging direction. Few years ago, after the success of my first blog, I started several more niche blogs. I registered new domains. I got myself new hosting account. I realized that I have more than 30 blogs. That time, I thought if 1 blog can give me $100 per month, what if I have 30 blogs? What if I have 70 blogs? What will be the income if I have 100 blogs?


I thought my blogging income would escalate. Theoretically it can, if it can be managed properly. If we have a dynamic and cooperative team and/or virtual staff to help us run our blogging business. That is not impossible. That is achievable.

However, as good as it can be, there are also disturbances effect (sounded like the subject that I’m teaching now – Process Control and Instrumentation). Along the way, we were hit by the so called Panda and Penguin (courtesy of the mighty Google). Hence, we witnessed in front of our very own eyes a huge chunk of our money making blog dropped down the SERP rank. That hit us bad. Even worse to those who make a full time living from blogs and websites. I failed to maintain my monthly Adsense income that I enjoyed for nearly 4 years. It was such a huge disappointment considering the tremendous amount of effort, sweat and countless man-hours poured just to create a good content with decent incoming traffic.

Previously, some of my blogs were generating the sort of income that made me smile. I can pay some part time staffs and virtual workers (VA) to help me/us run our blogs. Well, that’s not the case anymore now. Those blogs were badly hit and injured. They received far less traffic than before. They simply could not provide me the sort of income I was enjoying.¬† I cannot pay my part time staffs nor my VAs. As a result, all my blogs were not immaculately maintain. To make thing worse, I became very hectic with work and Zara (new addition to our family), plus the internet connection problem that we faced. All of those combined and resulted to a very slow online work progress.

Considering all those situations, I am strategizing to get back to business. Blogging is my passion. I need to get it up and going, handsomely. When I got stuck or frustrated or disappointed at work, blogging makes me feel happier. When I feel very sleepy, blogging makes my eyes wide open and suddenly becomes very energetic, just like after a good night sleep. Blogging is my true serious hobby that I just discovered 8 years ago, and it creates a cool passive income for me. Hence, I need to pursue, to continue, to improve my blogging adventure.

I have discontinued many of my unproductive domains and keep only those who I want to run and manage. There are now about 5 blogs that I want to get it bounce and run. Run as fast as it could. One of it is this Cyza Sector. But Cyza Sector is not designed to be a money making blog. It is just for me to share and release whatever I have in mind. It is for me engage and get connected to my readers.

Hence… that explain the title above… Keep it tiny, but create HUGE impact. That matters most. Ain’t it?

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