Time Flies, Cyza Sector is almost 7 years old

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Most of you may have not heard of me or my humble blog. Very few of you may perhaps followed me either from the beginning or in the middle. That doesn’t matter. I know I have not been consistent in updating my own blog. Hence, many have left. My Alexa rank and my Google Page Rank dropped. That symbolize the drop of my unique traffic.


My family and me @ Botanical Garden, Iskandar Malaysia

No problem. I’m going to improve it from now on. Blogging is my passion. Some hick-up along the journey is normal. One need some time, some moment to reflect, and return stronger. I hope I’ll do and focus on that from now on despite my hectic life cycle.

As for today, my Alexa is 10,647,838 and my Google PR is 1. Cyza Sector has shown far better stats than that. So, what should be a decent target for a relatively new year? Should I target Alexa 900,000 by December 2014? Is that realistic? Well it depends. Hmmm….let’s just see how it goes OK.

For a new start, I have switched to a new wordpress theme. I want it to be a fresh new start and by having a new look (not necessary a new theme), new spirit emerged. I believe, some of you who have been here realize and would welcome this new theme. It looks simple, clean, like reading a novel (accept you are actually reading it from your laptop / tablet / smart phone). I am not really sure if this theme is flexible or good yet. But, it’s ok. Just give it a try first.

I’m not really planning of monetizing this blog like before. Not just yet. Let it be the way it is and let’s see how it goes in future.¬† Anyway, I welcome any constructive ideas and innovation to improve and get this blog to the next level. Wowdy! How does that sound?


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  1. March 21, 2014

    […] Sector is quite an old blog. It is almost 7 years already. However, due to lack of time and also lack of focus, me, the owner did not consistently […]

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