What I Should Do Differently at the Beginning of my Blogging Career

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2006 – The beginning

I started blogging accidentally in 2006 when I was working as a process engineer. It was my nature. I love to write. When I was in school and college, I write for the newsletter as well as school magazine. However, when I started working, I lost the medium to write. Hence, when I discovered something new called “a blog”, I easily adapted and wrote in it on a daily basis, late at night. That activity I soon discovered was called “blogging”. I blog about my daily routine work and my experiences as a chemical and process engineer. It was fun sharing. It is quite technical since it is about chemical engineering. Despite of that, I noticed that I had my own audience. It was even better reading comments from my blog readers. That very first blog was using blogspot.com platform and it is pretty simple. The blog is chem-eng.blogspot.com. Really, I should have known the basic of blogging.


I have no coding, html, css knowledge but somehow I don’t feel learning those are such a hassle. I found it interesting. By tweaking and adjusting here and there, saving, publishing, looking at the output, made me feel… Ooohh!!!… it becomes like that…  So, now I need to do this, now I need to do that. Let’s see what happen next. From day to day, I became better and I discovered that my so called website/internet skill enhanced. I installed the feedburner subscriber button to allow new readers to subscribe to my content via email and rss. I found out that the number of those subscribing increased from time to time and that boost my motivation. Wow…not bad for a technical blog, I whispered myself.

Incorporating Adsense into the blog

After few months I discovered that there is this thing called “Adsense”. It is able to monetize our blog. It was super interesting to me that time and I think myself, why not? I registered an Adsense account and attempted to incorporate Adsense into my blog. It was quite difficult at first, playing with unknown codes. But then, I finally managed to go through it and saw the Adsense ad in my blog. I was very excited I recalled. Subsequently, I immediately witnessed the clicks and cents registered in my Adsense dashboard. Gosh… what a glorious feeling it was.

Passive Income Stream

After 3 months, I managed to cash my Adsense earning. After another 2 months, I started earning adsense on a monthly basis and I felt really blessed. This is so great! I began monetizing my blog with other make money program such as pay per click (PPC) and affiliate programs. Everything seems to be great and I was happy. I have a passive income blog! Really? Does it sustain?

The wrong concept

I began to think, if one blog can earn me up to $200 per month (that time), what can 10 blogs earn me? Simple maths, 10 blogs multiply with $200 per month = $2000 per month.

Is it that easy?

It is not as easy as calculating it. The real phenomena is not that simple, not that easy. It’s complicated. You simply cannot duplicate the success of one blog and make it happen to the other blog just like that.  From that point onwards, I there were quite a number of false and bad decision making that were made by myself. I should not have done it, but it’s too late.

[OK, well, you can multiply your effort, multiply your blog, but not by you alone. You need additional workforce / man power. You need some investment to do it. Otherwise, focus on one or two. That’s better].

If I can use a time machine and get back to the point where I started blogging, I will do few things differently. Hence, the following bad justification that I made that time are:

  • Not focusing on 1 blog or 2 blogs only. I should really focused on building credibility, branding and success on the first 1 or 2 blogs. I should make 5 figure income with the first 1 or 2 blogs. Instead, I become greedy and thought I can duplicate the success of 1 blog which at that time earn $200-350 per month and scale it up by myself, which won’t work actually due to my limited time as a person with 3 kids (that time) and a full time job.
  • Building the blog on a blogspot.com platform. Everyone knows this. We’ll have more credibility if we have our own dot com, not blogspot.com. By hosting our own dot come on a wordpress platform, the blog will have more potential and superior reputation. I did not know about this. When I realized, it was quite late, I figured, because I already have a handful number of followers and google have rank my very first blog very well. In short, use wordpress.org and host it on hostgator.com. The hosting provided is reliable, trustworthy and economical. If you are super new and wordpress.org is like an alien to you, I recommend you to learn about wordpress tutorial here.
  • Not building my own niche email list early. I should have collect my own email list. This is very crucial and very important. However, although I did started collecting email list after 2 or 3 years starting the blog, deep inside, I strongly feel that I should have done it earlier to collect more email list. You can use getresponse.com or aweber.com to begin collecting email list.
  • Not creating my own digital or physical product. This I think is the most significant error from myself. I have an exclusive niche. I have my own followers. I should create a product, launch and sell it to my blog audience. However, up until now, I have not created my own niche product and I felt … oh gosh… shy I did not create anything, something!!! If you read this, please, please, please, creating a product is the first thing you need to do. Create and sell it.
  • Not consulting the expert seriously on consistent basis. I should have engage with 2 or 3 blogging expert and learn important skills and marketing strategies from them. I need to learn how to maximize the potential of my own blog. I missed out this and it was quite a costly error. I lost lots of man-hours tweaking and experimenting this and that. I should have learn by hard on the gurus, expert like Johnchow.com and Problogger.com (at that time).

Those are the 5 important points that I will change at the beginning of my blogging career if I can turn back time. I believe, should I implement those that I mentioned above, my blog will be more successful, I will seal myself as “the guy” of my niche. Having said that does not mean I regret everything. I have achieved something and I know many bloggers out there who are still struggling. Despite of the 5 points above, I still super enjoy blogging and that’s why I wrote 14 great things that blogging gave me and that’s why I became 77% addicted to blogging!

If you are a newby blogger, maybe you can absorb and justify yourself the points that I highlighted. You can learn from my early mistakes. If you are an experience blogger, you probably already know about what I am saying.

To wrap up, here I highlight the key important points:

  1. Focus on 1 or 2 blogs ONLY.
  2. Dot Com blog –  A MUST.
  3. Collect email list FAST.
  4. Create own product FAST.
  5. Consult/JV with experts.

It’s easy if you know it already. So, now is the time to take action!!!

If you feel that this article is useful, feel free to share it with your family and friends. Sharing is caring. You can also subscribe to my content via email (check top left sidebar) , via rss, follow me at Facebook Page and get all my updates ;)

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4 Responses

  1. titan says:


    please take some action now. haha..

  2. cyza says:

    Will do Titan. Hope to get the kind of inspiration and drive that you have all this while.

  3. profhariz says:

    Izinkan saya bookmark !
    Motivasi dan Inspirasi.

  4. zuls says:

    Terbaik. Duplicating memang mencabar. Bukan senang nak duplicate.

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