1st Anniversary of our Toyota Alphard

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After writing about our 13th anniversary, I think I should write about our 1st anniversary with our pearl white Toyota Alphard. Actually we purchased the MPV and registered it on the same date as our anniversary. The plate number resembles our anniversary date as well.  So, I believe, in future, every time I post about our anniversary,  it will be followed closely with a story of our Toyota Alphard.

To those of you who own any vehicle any part of the world, you will definitely know that you need to renew road tax and insurance each and every year. In UK, not only that, vehicle owner need to renew MOT.  That involved additional money.

To be honest, this is the first time we owned a vehicle with the biggest engine. Well, it is not that big, but we have not own a 2.4 liter (2400 cc) engine before. This Toyota Alphard is 2.4 liter , the smallest size in terms of engine compared to the other ones (3.0 liter and 3.5 liter). Bigger engine simply means bigger cost of road tax and also insurance. Oh my God! We need to spare some money.

After contacting my insurance agent, as usual every year, I obtained the quotation and the break down are:

Insurance premium (based on RM90k) = RM1291

Road Tax = RM780.00

Miscellaneous cost = RM20.00

TOTAL = RM2081

Wow… my first impression, that’s a lot! We’ve never paid road tax and insurance that high before. Our previous MPV was Proton Exora and it is just 1.6 liter, road tax value only RM90. However, now, we have to pay the price for owning a bigger engine car. Well, next time, we just have to allocate about RM2000 for 2015 road tax and insurance renewal.

Servicing the Toyota Alphard

Within the space of 3 years, I have serviced this pearl white Toyota Alphard 3 times. The latest one in March 2014. The average cost of normal service (oil filter, engine oil, air filter etc) is RM360. Information on the first service is here.

The MPV Condition

As for now, the MPV is doing great. I’m happy with it. I just need some time to make some improvement on it. I’ll share about the improvements soon.

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  1. April 26, 2014

    […] the tax form online and now we hope to wait for the tax surplus. That cash will be used to cover the road tax and insurance of our Toyota Alphard which we paid last […]

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