Kancil Accident Again (2014)

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Yesterday, my beloved Kancil was hit by a reversing school van, in front of my house. It was a shocking moment. My 9 year old Kancil was damaged pretty bad at its front. The school van whom delivered my children back and forth to their religion school did not suffer anything, from my observation. It was the van’s strong metal bumper which hit my front fragile plastic Kancil.

At the moment of impact, it was my sister in law, Acu, who drove my Kancil. she had horned the van several times before the impact. From my point of view, the driver carelessly reversed the van at a velocity that is considered quite high without realizing my kancil was behind him. He should have been more cautious, more careful when reversing his school van.

Sorry, no photo for the time being. Seriously forgot to snap one or 2 photos of my poor Kancil. It’s not like me… I used to snap photos here and there. But I totally forgot about snapping the photos at that time.

The school van/bus boss later arrived at the scene in front of our house. He then asked me to bring our damaged car to a nearby workshop. In short, he will settle the damage. I pity him as well because he have to be responsible on what his staff/driver have did. But, we were both professional, respect each other.

My Kancil will be in the workshop for 2 or 3 days. Maybe this Wednesday, my Kancil can be discharged. I hope he will look and perform as good as new.

Last time, my Kancil was seriously hurt after an accident was in early 2006. That time, my Kancil was hit by a factory van and we skidded into a high flowing river in a rain. The Kancil was severely injured in all angles, but luckily the repair work was superb.

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