Indeed Cheque Arrived… Yeayyy!!!

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Few days ago, I received a cheque from It has been quite some time since I received a cheque from USA. I was very pleased and happy when I found the cheque in my pigeon hole in my office.

Today, just now, I cashed in the cheque in my bank. Well, since this is an overseas cheque, I’ll have to wait for 45 days for the money to be in my account. The amount is not that much but hey… who is going to give you that kind of money?


Besides being happy receiving this cheque, I am also delighted of having a new stamp. Oh yea… I am also a stamp collector. The round shape stamp add a new piece of attraction to my stamp collection. Thanks

indeed-chequeThat’s the cheque. Sorry I have to blur some of the most vital piece of information on the cheque.

When we translate USD$138.08 into Malaysian Ringgit, we simply multiply that with 3 and we are going to have an amount close to RM500. That’s very cool, considering I don’t do that much effort. I just promote the link for people to seek for suitable related job in my niche blog. It’s a kind of passive income that comes in very handy.

Fancy making money online?

Everybody can do it. What it takes is just a decision. Yes, a decision that you really want to make money online. The decision need to be a firm, bold and really determine one.  The decision need to be backed up by a reason. A strong reason why you really want to make money online. I’ll cover more on this in my future posts.

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  1. cyza says:

    Thanks Dino 😉

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