Kancil refilling aircond gas

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Few days ago, my small Kancil experience something. The aircondition is no longer that cool anymore. Air is coming out, but it is warm un fresh air. I’ve anticipated that the aircond gas has been fully consumed. I wanted to refill the gas, but had no time for that.

Today, as it was a weekend, I visited a shop in Taman U to check and fill up the aircond gas for my Kancil. The guy checked and said that the gas is fully consumed and the tank is empty. I asked how much does it cost to fill up the air cond gas. He replied, there are 2 options. If you want to follow the gas specification of my car, the cost is RM80. The other one is not following the spec of my car and it is cheaper (RM45). It is meant for those not having the budget. I asked further, if I chose the cheaper one, what will be the differences. He answered, well, it is still OK, but then the more expansive one will be better compared to the cheaper one.

air cond gas priceFinally I opted for the cheaper one. My Kancil is only meant for shorter distances and air cond is not that critical. He fixed all those tubes and pressure gauges at the engine part of the Kancil. Then he asked me to start the engine and switched on the air cond. He began the refilling process.

After few minutes, everything is completed. The process took less than 10 minutes. I tested my aircond and it was cool. Nothing wrong with it. My Kancil aircond is back to normal and I’m very delighted.

I managed to get my cool aircond back at this tropical climate, which is very necessary. I’m not sure of the price, whether it is cheap or acceptable or expansive because I did not compare it with other aircond servicing shop. But the most important thing, my Kancil is fine 😉 .

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4 Responses

  1. myrujukan says:

    saya punya kereta kadang x sejuk sangat walaupun dah refill gas baru, mcm rasa tersumbat jer

  2. cyza says:

    Bro selalu refill RM berapa?

  3. titan says:

    saga aku..sejuk gila aircond dia..kekadang..kena tutup. haha..

  4. cyza says:

    Titan…iye la tu…

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