Mid June Mumbo Jumbo Update

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It’s my intention to blog as frequent as possible. At least twice a week. I wanted to continue blog about my Taiwan advanture and experiences. There are still plenty to be shared. However, Unfortunately, I was halted by my hectic schedule and lots of work. I need to continue mark and grade the exams answer scripts and also other course work. Then, I need to key in the results and analyzed the result. Oh yea, in case, you just know me, I am officially an educator in a tertiary education center in the country. I teach chemical engineering subjects for undergraduates.

The good news is I have just completed marking all that I need to do. Only very few are left to be done. Since there are no undergraduate students during this summer for at least 3 months, I am planning to write some research papers and a chemical engineering related book. At the same time, I am planning to write a proposal to teach a new subject for the 4th year students (final year students). It’s going to be interesting doing the paper work of our own subject to be taught to this students. I’ll update about this project soon, after it is officially started or nearly completed.

As for other things happening around, life is getting normal as usual, back to business, after the end of the recent school holiday. Everybody, the kids, me and my wife, are fully occupied. We have not called our bangla grass cutter for quite some time because we decided to cut the carpet grass by ourselves.

Our homestay business which the marketing solely depends on the organic search engine and SEO seem to be quite good. I’ve nothing to blame on the success of the marketing. It is just the situation now is the competition of homestay in our vicinity is too fierce.

I’m slowly developing some of my part time online business as usual. It is not easy as the definition of part time is more worse than it is meant to be. If we define part time as 4 to 6 hours per day, my definition of part time online business is far less than that. 10 minutes to 1 hour per day seems to be the likely duration of my part time definition. Hence, I need to make full use of the tiny amount of time. Agreed…?

Me and my wife, we need to help our nephew to search and make her wedding card for her wedding ceremony which will take place this coming September. At the same time, we also offered my younger brother to do his wedding invitation card end of the year.

Our Toyota Alphard and Perodua Kancil, both need some personal time with me to the workshop due to several hiccups here and there. Such maintenance will require some 3 to 4 figure money to be spent. Hmmm…

The climate seems to be warmer as times goes by, thanks to the unavoidable global warming. We really need to install a 1.5 to 2 HP aircondition in our master bedroom. I don’t care whether inverter is readily available or not, as long as we can bring down the tropical climate to 25oC when we sleep.

I realized that my health is getting deteriorated recently. Is it because of the age factor? Or I have not been exercising that frequent as before? I’ll be visiting the university health center next week or so and perform a full medical check-up, just an annual routine one. Hopefully nothing is wrong or serious with me.

OK, that’s it for now. I just want to make you guys aware that I’m still here, not sleeping or dreaming in the comfort of my house. I’ll see you guys later with my next Taiwan post.

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