Tamsui District @ Taiwan – Must go destination

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At the time I wrote this blog post, we have actually safely arrived at our own home sweet home in Malaysia. It was a very interesting and fruitful journey, packed with beautiful experiences and memories. However, this won’t be the end of my Taiwan sharing. There are too many things to share and I am selecting few of them to be posted here in the coming future posts. Finally I will make my own version of reflection about our trip to Taiwan. The reflection will be a useful one for those considering to visit Taipei, Taiwan. So, stay tuned.

In the mean time, I’ll continue our Taiwan story…

After presenting my 2nd research paper on the 3rd day of the conference, we visited a place recommended by so many people which is called Tamsui. It is located about 40 km from the city of Taipei. We were informed that this is a romantic place, a harbour, a place with the beauty of the ocean. We went there on a nice warm sunny Monday. Since we used to take taxi to go here and there in the city of Taipei, we decided to travel by taxi as well. It happened to be that the Monday was a public holiday in Taiwan and there were so many people and the traffic was quite heavy. Hence, the strategy of taking a taxi was a poor one. It cost us NT$495. That’s so expensive. Taking MRT will only cost NT50 per person from Taipei City Center to Tamsui River, plus no traffic jam. But, that was our first time. If there is a second time, we won’t make similar mistake.


Tamsui MRT Station. We were dropped here by the taxi.


Some part of Tamsui reminds me on some coastal side in UK like Scarborough. However, this is the eastern version of it. There are signboards and plastics supplied for dog owners to pick their dog poo. Every dog owner must be responsible with their own dog bio-waste-product… 😉


Me, my other hald and Zara. This is one particular section that looks appealing for a photograph to be taken. The combination of water and mountain view looks so good, hence the photo with that background was snapped.

Check out my 360 degree video selfie…as we just arrived at Tamsui District…haha


One of the available signboards along the walk way of Tamsui. From the signage, we realized we have walked quite far.


This guy is from Turkey, sells Turkish ice cream in Taiwan. He can converse Chinese language, so, I assumed he have dwell in Taiwan for quite some time. Then we bought his ice cream for Zara. Zara enjoyed the ice cream very much. Proof —> See videos below:


Iron egg. This is the famous delicacy for Taiwan people at Tamsui district. I’m not sure the history or background of this egg. However, lots of local people buy them.


Tasty, crunchy fried squid. That is what we imagined. My wife urged me to buy one. She wanted to taste it. However, I did not allow due to my concern on its halal status. Who knows the type of oil being used to fry this sea food creature.


After some distance of walking, we stopped, relaxed and snapped some glorious photos. Zara is a little bit tired there.


The mountain without us human in the photo…haha… Not sure what is the name of this mountain, but it looks breathtakingly nice from where we stand.


This young man is brilliant at his performance. He makes all kinds of sounds and music by himself without any musical instrument. He reminds me to one of the police who makes various types of sound in Police Academy movie. So, that type of people who makes many sound exists. Hmm interesting.


Some of the local tourists queuing to ride the cruise boat along Tamsui River. We don’t have time for that.


A view of one of the walk way besides Tamsui River. The shops are clustered along the side walks of the river, offering plenty of foods and attractive products.


One of the narrow streets at the area of Tamsui district packed with humans.


One of the streets that we walked which we realized was not crowded. Other streets and walk ways are so crowded with local tourists.

Then we arrived at a junction and witness something. It looked like a cultural and traditional moment, almost like the dragon dance during the Chinese New Year celebration, accept this one has no dragon (but maybe related to the dragon, I don’t know). The drum players are on several carriers pulled by a vehicle, as shown in the video below. Hmmm interesting…


Found this shop. Belt and purse sold at $50NT which is cheaper than Malaysia. That translate to about RM5. So, after all, there are something that are cheaper here. Before this discovery, everything are more expensive in Taiwan.


Before feeling up our stomach, we stopped by here, just nearby Tamsui MRT station. There are some lovely colourful flowers that caught our attention.


After more than an hour walking beside Tamsui River, we headed to this Pakistani/Indian small eating place. We believe this is only the Halal available eating place at Tamsui. Maybe there are more, but we don’t know and not sure. Luckily this one is positioned just outside of the Tamsui MRT station, hence it is visible.


This is how the small restaurant looks like. Well, I don’t think it should be called a restaurant. It is more partially a restaurant and partially a stall. Fortunately, there are several stools and benches for us to sit and enjoy the meal, which is the cheapest one we had experienced so far in Taiwan.    tamsui-river-chicken-curry

At that half restaurant-half stall, I opted for Chicken Curry Rice with salad as shown above. The taste is so delicious, superb, spectacular. I hope this guy opens his business in the heart of Taipei, so that we can buy his halal food everyday. The cost of this chicken curry rice is only NT$120 (with tea). Isn’t that cheap?


This is chicken wrap ordered by my wife. It taste good, but not as good as the above chicken curry rice…haha… The price of this one is NT$40. Also cheap.

Other of my Taiwan blogposts:

FYI, this article contain 20 photos, 4 videos and has been proofread by a professional proof reader. LOL.

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4 Responses

  1. Ismail N says:

    I haven’t been to Taiwan before but would like to go there someday. Your posting makes me feel mahu book flight today and off to Taiwan lah bro.
    How much do you think budget for a family of seven for one week stay at Taiwan? Bajet hotel je lah.. 😀

  2. cyza says:


    Haha… relax. I have not finish all my experience sharing. Let me complete them and wait for my reflection on our Taiwan visit.
    About hotel, I’m not sure about budget hotel.

    However the hotel which I stayed for 4 nights are relatively cheaper than all the other hotels that I’ve searched. I don’t think it is categorized as budget hotel. I paid NT$10640 for 4 nights and that’s a room for a couple, not a huge family like yours. Anyway, maybe later we can search and get comments for any available and good budget hotel. Stay tune.

  3. titan says:

    pehh..gi taiwan lah plakk dia..

  4. Akmal Zaidi says:

    best, satu hari nanti nak ke sana jugak la,

    salam ziarah ye. 🙂

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