Eid Mubarak + Business Reflection

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Hope it is not too late to wish a splendid and prosperous Eid Mubarak to everybody.


Me, my father and my brothers, after the Friday prayer at Masjid Bulatan Kampung Melayu Majidee, Johor Bahru

Our family started the Eid break quite early, as early as Thursday. We traveled back to Kuantan, my wife’s hometown and then stayed there for 6 nights. Subsequently, we traveled south to Johor Bahru and stayed at my folks place for 2 nights. Today, Friday evening, we finally arrived back at out home sweet home, in Kangkar Pulai, Johor.

Tomorrow, we will be hosting my family who will come to our house. At the same time, we need to prep Ikhwan, our eldest son who will sit for UPSR, the standard 6 primary school examination. This is such a huge, a massive examination, not only for him but also to us, his parents. So, this 40 days are very critical, and I can say quite busy as well…

During the Eid break at Kuantan, no internet facility is available accept for the one I subscribed from my hand phone, which is kind of limited. Hence, limited internet activity can be observed. As soon as we get back to JB, my folk’s place, we are united with good internet access, hence I can continue do some of my online endeavor.

What have I been doing on this 9 days break?

Basically, I have been focusing on my list building strategy. I am quite new on it and I have been talking, discussing, chatting with few more experience people with huge list. I have learned massively from them. It is indeed a very good thing that they are willing to share and help me out. Most of the communication was through Facebook and it is easily accessible from my Samsung Note 2. I also downloaded few ebooks and resources to add my technical knowledge and comprehension on the tips and tricks on list building.

Short term goal

My short term goal, is to get my new list to reach 2500 emails by end August. Then, from there, I will work to touch my first 4 figure income. That is to be attained in October. I really need to speed up things because by September I’ll be busy with class and other official projects.

This is the time to be extra serious with my business

Yes. That’s so true. Why? Simply because I have set my target, I have invested such a huge amount of money to kick start this business. Also, I have been in this arena, blogging, specifically, since 2005 and hey, I need to make a more convincing recurring income that is more than my¬† monthly salary. The blogs are still there, but at certain point, some business need to re-strategize. Some changes in directions and some new and innovative approach need to be introduced and implemented. That’s what I am doing now.

I hope you stay tune with me. I promised that my adventure is getting more interesting. Here are some clue what I’ll be covering in my future posts:

Now I am using 3 autoresponders.

I anticipate my monthly fixed business commitment to be around $200-300.

I am going to purchase a new software to help me manage/organize my business.

Make friends and treat them as your coach…

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  1. naylarawyanAmin says:

    uncleLong, is it too late for my immi to start blogging?? hehehehe..

  2. Hi. Can i Share Eid Mubarak + Business Reflection to my Facebook page?

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