November Surprise – New Business Adventure

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It has been quite some time since I blog in Cyza Sector. Plenty has happened since the last time I published the last post. I have been trying and experimenting few things; and to make long story short, I have found what I want. I have break broken the code.

What I have achieved?

I made real solid true income in November 2014 (last month). It made me glad, happy, thankful to God and numerous positive emotions (too long to mention here). I managed to get my wife’s attention and believe. She finally saw some solid income pouring in my paypal and bank account. Few of my friend whom I shared this business also found what I am doing is interesting. Check out the dual paypal screen shot below:



I will save you some time if in case you want to calculate the gross income I made for November from this new business. I made USD$2K. It was so surprising because I never expected to earn that amount of earning in my first month of operation in this business.

What is the business I am indulged in?

It is a Solo Ad Business. It is real legitimate business. Like other traditional business, it is initially not easy to set up and establish, requires some capital to kick start. But, as you go on and on, accompanied with some persistence, hard work, sacrifice, diligence, prayer and hope, everything will eventually click and you’ll make it.

One of my intention before succeeding in this new project…

I have few goals and intentions before I dived into this new business adventure. One of the most crucial one is that I wanted to help other people who are very serious to make money like I am able to do. I know how miserable it feels before, I mean when we don’t know what to do, not sure of this and that, confused, no guide and so on. There were so many coaches out there that are offering their service to guide people like me, but then the fees are so high, ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. It is impossible for me to grab hold of any of those so expansive coaching. Thank God, I found a person who just started coaching and has a coaching fee that I can afford. I secured a coaching session with him in mid October 2014 (yeah…not that long…) and within 2 weeks, I managed to sell my first solo ad, which was on the 1st November. Now, there is no turning back.

In short, I would like to help as much serious people possible within my limited time and capability. Hence, to leverage the effort, I am in the process of preparing a short report, so any of you out there can have a glimpse of idea what the hell this Cyza is doing and how is he doing it.

What you need to do?

Very simple. If you are interested with my short report, just register your name and email in the box below. After registering, you need to confirm your request by clicking the link in the email that you will receive. You will then get my special report.

Note: If you don’t see the subscribe form, don’t worry. I am working on it and the report. Just comment below and I will get back to you (email you personally) as soon as the subscribe form and report is ready.

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4 Responses

  1. ramswaroop pd singh says:

    dear sir
    Ihave gone through your Blog which very Important for new and old man who are trying their best to earn some thing through on line, You have given in detail HOW i HAVE BROKEN the ice through hard labour god Bliss you hopiny you will go to new have narrted very clearly how people are facing the financial problem if i have suffcient money no problem but if i try to earn money for livelyhood how ican spare money for earning.
    thank you and wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR2015
    see you again and agian

  2. titan says:


    leh la belanja gua cendol nanti.

  3. apes says:

    Interested nak tahu pasal report tu. Still available lagi ke? ­čÖé

  4. adamfaiz says:

    Salam Cyza. Congrats on the new business…

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