My South Korea Trip

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This is a guess post written by my daughter, Marsya.


         On 27 Nov – 2 Dec , we went to Seoul ,Korea . Our flight is from Kuala Lumpur International Airport ( KLIA2 ). So we need to set off from Johor to Kuala Lumpur International Airport ( KLIA2 ) at 1:00 o’clock because our flight is at 8:00 o’clock. We arrived at Kuala Lumpur  International Airport ( KLIA2 ) at 4:30 o’clock. Our flight lasted 6 hour. We arrived at Incheon International Airport at 2:00 pm. There are people who take us to send it to Nungmaru Guest House after we arrived at Incheon International Airport. After we arrived at Nungmaru Guest House, we put our things into the guest house and then the tour guide took us to go eat.

          After eat, we went to palace. The palace is where the king

lived past. Travel to go to Palace is very far. To go to Palace , we have to took the subway. The trip to go to Palace is in 1 hour. We can take the express subway. If we go to Palace use the express subway the travel is around 1 hour but if we go to Palace use ordinary subway the travel is around 2 hour, we better use the express subway because the express subway only take around 1 hour to go to Palace.  The express subway does not submit to the Palace, if we want to go to Palace we need to took a bus after taking a express bus. There we  can see a beautiful architecture. There are many of views. We can wear Hambok at that place, but unfortunately that place is already close . Hambok is Korean traditional clothes. The place that King Korea stayed is so simple. The decorations also is very simple. We back to the place that we stayed is in evening. After back, we go and eat. The food is not delicious enough. The fish is so delicious and fresh. They only served boiled water.

         Day 2, we go to Nami Island. We have to took a ferry to go to Nami Island. Before we took a ferry we need to buy a ticket first. When we arrived at Nami Island is was dropped snow. Before the snow dropped it was raining, after the rain suddenly dropped snow.  The place where the name Nami Island is so famous. Nami Island is place the people acted. Among the changes in the story is Winter Sonata. There’s are many of tree. The tree sorted by a lines. The views is very beautiful. The place is so interesting. There is a place to warm the body. In Nami Island it has a restaurant. It was restaurant nearby , what else , we eat first because we are hungry already. After eat, we continue the trip. We take a lot of picture. That time, my siblings buzy with playing the snow. We can back to the place that we stayed at 5:00 o’clock because the bus only have at that time.

            Day 3, we go to Everland. Everland is moreless like Legoland. There are many of adventures among them are roller coasters, safari park, and others. There are 4 roller coaster but I only ride 2 roller coaster. Me, Alya, and daddy only ride the smaller one, the 2 others are the biggest one. There are many of people. If we want to ride or go into the adventures, we need to queue. Everland is so interesting but I thing Legoland is better than Everland because there are many adventures baby cannot come in. If we at Legoland, there many adventures that baby can come in and play, but the most interesting place is safari park. We can come into the safari park. There’s a bus that went around a forest full of animals. The animals were very interesting and very big is bear. In the forest, there’s are a lot of bear, tiger, lion and other animals that I don’t no their name. If the bus come to the side of the bear, the bear do a performance among them are they do a shoot into the hoop, dance, kiss, and others. I’m not remember what else they do.

            Day 4, we go to Vivaldi Ski Park. We go to Vivaldi Ski Park at 8:00 o’clock. We go to Vivaldi Ski Park by bus. The place is full of snow. First, we need to buy a ticket. There are 2 part which is ski or snowboard. My family bought a ticket for ski but my dad bought a ticket for snowboard. That time, my dad forget t bring Zara’s milk.

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