I was Interviewed by Robert Yoder

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1 Korea-trip-parkEarlier today, I was invited to a show hosted by Robert Yoder. He is actually interviewing me for his Podcast (Secret to Success) show on several successful online business owners. Honestly, I don’t think I deserve to be in his show but deep down inside I am honored to be interviewed by him. Main reason I feel not suitable is because I am still a small online business player in the globe.

The interview was done via Skype. There is a 12 hour time zone differences between him and me, but we pretty much easily sorted that out. It was early morning for me here in Malaysia and evening for Robert in New York.

What show was it? I will update about that later once the podcast is ready.

In the interview, I was asked to introduce myself, what I am currently doing and some tips on how to start an online business for those who just want to start it out.

Here is a sneak peak on the tips I shared:

  1. You need to have a REASON why you want to do or build the business.
  2. You must set up a REALISTIC GOAL for the business.

…. there are more and more tips that I shared. I will update you guys soon here. Make sure you subscribe to RSS of this blog / Cyza Sector FB Page to get updated on my latest rambling.

About the image above – The photo was taken from our South Korea family trip last November. We are fortunate that the business was doing good that I can bring my family for an awesome vacation.


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  1. titan says:


    rajin hang berjalan.

    dah sampai korea dah plak.


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