2017 Integrated Challenges

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IMG20160718140120Hope it is not that late for me to wish Happy 2017!

Entering 2017 was not that smooth in terms of my personal career and business.

Career… Profession…

My career is decorated with various multiple both expected and unexpected turmoils. Many says that holding such position (the admin post), in the main stream lime light is good for my career advancement. Damn! Alas me! I am not that interested in obtaining such focus. I’m more inclined to teaching and research. But, I am stuck here till July 2019. Hence, I just need to get through it, experience it, calibrate my mind to align with the spirit and mentality as a Manager, and along the way, try my best to be in control and have fun 🙂 Keep staying positive 🙂

Tricky Business 2.0

I admit that I am lucky enough to be able to accumulate tremendous amount of cash since early 2015. 4th quarter 2016 was a sudden drop and a serious wake up call for my business. Each entities and pillars of the business are not guaranteed to stay as stable or as what we expect it to be. When disaster struck, when luck is not anywhere near us, when the mood and motivation suddenly vanished… that’s an indication that my business could not be maintained.

I learned that keeping up and maintaining the business is not as simple and not as easy as it look. Off course starting it is also a huge mountain to climb. The downfall of my monthly income may be a bless in disguise. I just need to do some deep level post moterm, investigate what went wrong and how to over come it. Yep, I can say i detected several key issues that need to be rectified and improved. I am working on it despite of my limited time and un-predicted mood swing as an administrator at my day job.

Business 2.0 Expansion

I see not only trying to bounce back in my online biz this year, but also to expand and branch out into other biz 2.0 areas. It ain’t easy but if I am going to accomplish this, I need to get all the support and help. Managing that support is another science that I also need to explore. Huh! Well, let’s just see how it goes then…


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