My On-Going Projects

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energica-e1487336127380I admit that I have not been regularly posting in Cyza Sector. My bad. I wanted to consistently post something, share something, but I wasn’t strong enough. But I am thinking to start spending sometime here, to share some of my endeavors, some projects. I’m challenging myself to post at least 4 times a month.


A Confession

I started my solo ad business end 2014 and the business was a very successful one till end 2016. I made a huge fortune out of it. Lets say I worked pretty solid hard for 24 months and it paid handsomely. The business dropped then due to multiple factors. I took a break from the business. A really good rest… haha… Now, it is almost one year and I need to get back to building up my business to the next level. That next level is to reach 7 Figure Income!

In short, it is the work hard for 2 years, accumulate as much wealth, then rest and play for 1 year.


My On-Going Projects

Following are all my on-going projects that I wish to record and share here. Those can be the points, contents, sharing in my blog to fulfill the 4 posts minimum a month in Cyza Sector ūüôā

  1. Cyza Sector Online Biz 2.0
  2. Weight Lost
  3. Running for Fitness
  4. Book Project
  5. One Week One Juz
  6. One Month One Journal Publication

I aimed to report it every early of the month. This reporting is mainly for me to record my progress but along the way, I hope it will be a beneficial sharing for others.


Status So Far

 No  Projects Status (as of 21st October 2017)
1  Online Biz 2.0  Zero Income Yet
 2 Weight Lost  81.5 kg (average)
 3 Running for Fitness 54.4km РAugust 2017
54.3km – September 2017
11.8km – Up to 21st Oct 2017
 4 Book Project  In progress
 5 One Week One Juz  Not fulfilled
 6 One Month One Journal Publication  Not fulfilled


p/s: The image above –¬†Energica electric motorbike. It symbolize a motor bike that I plan to own once I reached a new milestone in my online business. Well, it’s going to be the next huge reward for myself (although I have never ride a bike….haha)..



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2 Responses

  1. titan says:


    buat mana yang sempat.

    jangan putus asa.

  2. itisrajah says:

    Cambest je projek² yg disebutkan. Nak buat gak lah. ? btw, wish you best of luck!! ??

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