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Brief Intro

First and foremost, I don’t have any computer/internet background. I’m more familiar with chemical engineering because I’ve been struggling to get my first and masters degree in it; and have been working very hard in this industry for the pass 8 years. I just earned my doctorate degree last year and I’m very relief, that everything is over. However, deep inside my heart is inclined to blogging and making money online. It’s a hobby, a serious hobby, really.

About My Family

I’m the first of 5 siblings. I think all of my younger siblings are financially more successful than me. But that’s fine and I’m happy for them. I’m married with a wonderful loving and understanding wife. I am bless with 4 energetic and beautiful kids. All of them are in the same primary school, accept for the little one. I hope we can remain united and happy till the rest of our live. That’s the most important thing that matters, ain’t it?

My Career

I’m an academician in a tertiary education institute. At the same time I’m also a researcher, scientist, consultant and writer. When I mention writer, it means I write technical research paper, book chapter, conference paper and related stuffs. I’m glad that I have published several technical research papers, a book chapter in a book published by John Wiley, articles in various magazines and others.

My Interest

As mentioned earlier, I love blogging and making money via internet. I have tried various part time business to make money but none of them suit me. Blogging and making money online interestingly suited my personality. I have nothing to chase and worry. At my own sweet time, I can blog and make money online.

What do I blog about?

I blog about my making money online endeavor, myself and family, where I travel and the special food I eat, my house and car,  few tech/gadget stuff, once in a while some review on something, miscellaneous. If you explore this blog from the Nov 2007 until March 2014, you will find out that I blogged pretty much about many things. However, I realized that my time is very limited that I decided that I should only write a more useful and beneficial information, rather than write on anything under the sun and something that does not resemble me as a matured person.

Blogging frequency

While it will be really great to publish article in the blog on a daily basis, I don’t have the luxury of time. I have a family & full time job to take care with. Hence, I have decided to publish a post twice a week (Monday & Thursday).

Where am I in the world

I am from JohorMalaysia. I am really proud to be a Malaysian. At this moment (as this page is updated), Malaysia is at the center stage of the world due to the incident that happened to our plane, Malaysia Airline System (MAS), MH370 that has been declared missing in India Ocean. Our hope and prayers are with them.

Well, enough of my chanting. If you want to follow me, you can do so my subscribing to this blog RSS or by email and also using the social media platform as follows:

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23 thoughts on “About”

  1. salam! hi! nice to meet you.. I am a lil bit ecstatic here after reading your profile…

    plus, you’re an engineer. :D i am extremely excited!

  2. haven’t got the chance untuk baca all your entries.. just gone through je. but i will read it.. i will! the latest entry about goal in life tu sounds very interesting to me..

  3. aku ngan muke tak malu pun nak tabur link aku kesini..keekek..erm apapun engineer is still work for others. Kena keje bawah org juga, kena punch card, kena apply borang cuti atau mc..so aku tunggu ko menjadi yg seorang itu.

  4. Cyza – where do you live? I commend you for taking the opportunity to learn about the Web and expand your knowledge beyond chemical engineering. Your ability to combine your chemical engineering knowledge and Web knowledge should open some opportunities for you.

    I ask where you’re located because many of the pictures on your blog are very beautiful and your surroundings look charming.

  5. Muhafis,

    Sorry, I’m not who you think. But I’m his friend as well. You can reach him at zakiyamani.blogspot.com or azakiyamani.wordpress.com

  6. Oh I see, saje tanye because I’m an engineering student too but in different field. I’m just curious to know about oil & gas industry, glad I found your blog. Finally, lots of articles to read :)

  7. O ic…. no problem. Feel free to drop me question via my email. I have been in the oil and gas field for quit some time…and it’s fun, challenging and financially rewarding.

  8. err…just curious…which one is batter, working with only first degree or with first and masters degree??.. coz im going to graduate soon.. a bit blur on which way to choose.. so im asking the expert..huhu

  9. Bro, dasat la..aku pun langsung xda ilmu komputer apatah lagi internet dulu..member kat U siap boleh cakap aku buta IT..

    Tahun 2004, aku beli laptop..godek sendiri sampai..xda la pandai..tau la guna..sekarang siap ada blog sendiri lagi..

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