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New Family Activities This Weekend

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Last week, for the first time, my family watched Johor Bahru motorcross race and we were very excited it. This week (Saturday), we tried something new as well. Yesterday, while accompanying my wife playing bowling in Skudai Parade conjunction with our sports week at our workplace, I entertained all our 3 kids. It’s not easy to handle 3 kids who have their own thoughts and mind. One wants to watch movie, another one wants to buy toys, one want this, one want that… Ahrgghh…. But I still need to take care and entertain them… They are my kids and I love them all.

So, I brought them down for some ice cream at MacDonald’s booth and get some thinking play games – Monopoli and Stake Your Claim. We played both games while their mother were still throwing the heavy balls. However, it was not really comfortable to play the board game there, so after a while the kids get bored. Despite of their interest of playing Monopoli, they are still new the game concept. That’s fine… the game is good enough as it educate them to count, calculate, think and instill some level of enterprising trait. I hope my kids can play Monopoli very well later.

After that, to kill the time, we went into the karaoke box for the first time. The kids were very excited with the microphone and sang like crazy. I invested RM10 for 10 songs and get 1 free. So, we selected few songs and sang like nobodies business… Haha…. it was very fun…

Earlier today (Sunday), we played Monopoli properly. I became the bank manager. Ikhwan, Marsya, Alya and mummy played. After 20 minites, Alya got bored and left the game. I can’t blame her. She’s just 4 years old. So, I took over her game and became the banker at the same time. I bought some more properties on top of what Alya have bought earlier. I build more shops and to cut the story short, everybody either bankrupt or gave up… So, I won. Ikhwan cried, not accepting that he has lost money and properties!!! Marysa cried as well but not as bad as her brother.

Now what? Marsya has asked to play the game again tonight!!!