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Out of routine

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Currently I’m blogging from my brother in law’s house in Bukit Beruntung, a cowboy town adjacent to Rawang. Luckily he has the streamyx broadband installed in his extended corner lot house.

Earlier, after Ikhwan school session ended on a brisk Friday afternoon, we headed up north to Cemor, a small town north of Ipoh to attend a cousin’s wedding. The wedding was held on Saturday afternoon but the preparation took place 2-3 days earlier.

We arrived at the house in Cemor at 2.00 am. We relaxed and then slept at the living hall. The next day, I spared my physical energy to assist the cooking process. I helped to do some “kenduri” activity stuffs. It was really tiring but well, I rather help than just sit and see. However, the most interesting thing is my kids also helped and that was very nice to see. I’ll upload some photos about that soon after I arrive back to my home in JB.

Later the same day, we move down south to Bukit Beruntung. There were all together 9 people in my white Proton Exora,which include my mother, father and sister in law.

We arrived at Bukit Beruntung and landed safely in the house at 9 pm. All of us relaxed, watched some malay drama and later end the night – sleeping zzzzzzzz…..

We are going to continue our journey to Kuantan later this afternoon and stay in Kuantan until Wednesday.

Hence, within that time, I maybe not connected to the internet. I’ll use the time to do my offline work…. hehe…

OK, that’ s it…a little update from me… Have a nice prosperous holiday.

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