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Nokia Lumia 800 Review

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Nokia Lumia 800 Review

The world is moving at a very fast pace. Technology is developing even faster. The generation today is that of the smart phones or tablets. Everything is quicker faster better now. I’m not sure if I’m too late to make a Nokia Lumia 800 review, but I’ll still take the chance. This is mainly because I have personally tested the brand new nokia smart phone which has such a sleek and cool design. I tested the smart phone capability while I was doing my shopping in Jusco Taman University. Honestly I was skeptical with Nokia Lumia 800 and I strongly believe that it could not be at par with Androids and the iPhones in the market. However, to my surprise, I discovered that Nokia Lumia 800 which opted the Windows technology have a very impressive and outstanding browsing capability. Carry on reading for more of my personal review of Nokia Lumia 800.


The Emergence of Nokia Lumia 800 Proves Nokia Is A Serious Contender

Nokia joins in the race with its Nokia Lumia 800. Nokia Lumia 800 is Nokia’s first ever Windows mobile. Operating on Windows 7.5 as its operating system, it has been tested and concluded to be the best mobile phone, operating on the Windows, available in the market.

The Windows operating system is popular among the users of the notebook because of its plainness and simplicity of use. Nokia incorporates all these features in Nokia Lumia 800, bringing the simplicity of the Microsoft OS to its users at their finger tips.

The touch is already a feature adored by many. Nokia incorporates these touch screens in its Nokia Lumia 800, providing its users fast and easy navigation through the cell phone to its users. But Nokia is not one for taking things, which are popular and putting them together. It adds a little tweaks of its own. It introduces Nokia Drive, which is the first free navigation service, provided on a Windows phone, so that you’re never lost.

For all the music lovers out there, Nokia brings to you the ease of access to music. The Nokia Lumia 800 introduces the feature of Nokia Music. The Nokia Music, along with the dedicated radio stations to provide you with the music of different genres that you are sure to enjoy.


Nokia Lumia 800 Unique design and display


One of the internal slots for Nokia Lumia 800 memory card


Nokia Lumia 800 also come in this bright beautiful blue colour


If my wife wants it, I will give her a red Nokia Lumia 800...

Nokia Lumia 800 camera

A good camera in the Smartphone is like the demand of everyone. Everyone wants to capture a scene to preserve it, take a picture to capture a special moment. Everyone sends a picture to a friend or a family member to show them the places they have seen. And what with the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter becoming the medium for connection, one would want to share their pictures to their friends to let them know where they’ve been. The videos allow you to capture not just a scene, but an entire moment that you can watch repeatedly. With Nokia Lumia 800, you can do all that with an 8 Megapixel camera, with an auto focus and a dual-LED flash. However, don’t let the fun stop at just taking the picture. Upload it, share it on your friends well, tag a friend, it’s all up to you to decide.

With the new Nokia Lumia 800, everything looks bright and vivid. The display features the ClearBlack OLED screen making it look very striking and pulling the focus towards itself. The display looks quite amazing under the somewhat curved Gorilla glass. The screen of the Nokia Lumia 800, stretching from one edge to the other, lets you see what you’re typing, even under bright sunlight, so that you don’t end up poking, prodding and guessing what you’re typing.

The sleek and stylish Nokia Lumia 800 sits pretty in your hand with its swappable covers and slight curve, giving it the neat aesthetic design that you’d want in your Smartphone.

My 2 cents: Initially I have no feeling nor desire for this smartphone. However, after personally testing it, I kind of like it. To make it more special, the internet + youtube streaming is so fast, even faster than iphone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S2. No kidding about this. I tested all these smart phone and that’s why I dare to mention this. I may not purchase it for my personal use but if my wife want this, I’ll get it for her.

All Image credited to: pocket-lint.com/review/5616/nokia-lumia-800-wp7-review

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