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Speed Updates

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I’m quite busy and at the same time very exhausted. Today, after work, I slept until 11.30 pm and then I found myself browsing through Facebook with my other half.

Why I’m exhausted?

Well, it’s actually a combination between work (plus some stress) + the futsal game yesterday + KRT (Kumpulan Rukun Tetangga) activity. All of that in one day – one night.


At work, besides the daily routine job, we’re preparing for a major plant shutdown this weekend. That means I’m working on Saturday and Sunday. Planning, preparation and all sort or arrangement must be carefully made to ensure jobs will run silky smooth. Earlier today, 2 dozens of “Mat Salehs” (western foreigners) from Europe paid a technical visit to my work place and I found myself entertaining a dozen of them! Pheewww…. Luckily everything when OK.

Futsal Game

It was a gigantic battle between KRT Bandar Pulai Jaya versus some school staff from Pekan Nanas, Johor. Though we played for just a mere 40 minutes, we’re really glad because our physical endurance ran out. Off course”lah”, because all players are categories as fathers!!! Panciiiit bebb!!!


After the futsal game ended about 10.05 (+ 5 minutes extra time), I returned home to get some rest and sleep because in just a few hours time I need to be awake. It was our turn (shift) to be a “soldier” protecting our territory. I woke up at 1.00 am, grabbed my M16 and a couple of grenades, walked my way to the our commanding area in front of my house. We guarded the area till 5.00 am.

p/s. We did took a break and had roti telur bawang and teh tarik at a nearby Restoran Mamak at 3.30 am.


Featured in Skor Career

Mr. Zul from Skor Career made an interesting entry about my chemical engineering career. If you want to know me a little bit better, you can start from what I do. Well, I mean what I do for living. Thanks Zul.

skor career

Perfect Lunch Date

Yesterday, my wife traveled all the way from Skudai to Pasir Gudang (roughly 48km) to have a lunch date with me at Kedai Makan Rahmat. She has been begging me to bring her there for a lunch. At 1pm sharp we headed to Kampung Pasir Puteh, parked the car, sat and order our meal (what else – the famous Siakap plus other side dishes) I don’t want to snap anymore photos as I’ve done it before.

To my surprise, I met a group of suppliers who has been dying to treat me all this while. They almost completed their lunch. I’ve been avoiding their invitations by giving all sort of excuses. I whispered silently to myself, this is the perfect moment if they really want to treat me @ sponsor my lunch date! …and yes, while we’re enjoying our meal, one of them stepped to us and informed that they’ve settled our bill. That was really cool. We had a sponsored lunch date at Kedai Makan Rahmat!!! :) I hope and pray, good coincidence like to repeat.

Timing Belt Overdue

One of my cars, Proton Waja Enhanced Version has passed the 80,000 km marked. It is time to replace the timing belt, alternator belt and aircond belt. However, if I send my car to the normal service station that I used to do all this while, it will cost be nearly MYR1,000 (including major service). I’ve surveyed for cheaper alternatives (around MYR300 to 400 for similar job) and I’m thinking to permanently ignore the Proton service center which are too costly. What do you think? Should I opt for the cheaper one?