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Get BlackBerry Bold 9900 Smartphone with 1Malaysia Book Voucher

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I just collected the 1Malaysia Book Voucher few days ago and today, while having an early breakfast at Ruby Cafe (in my faculty) + reading Harian Metro with my other half, I stumbled upon the cartoon below. It is interesting, funny, sarcastic and meaningful. What if such situation really happen in our country?

I bet, a bunch of students will rush to the nearest book store and exchange the RM200 book voucher with the new Blackberry Bold 9900 (the model is mentioned for example purpose only). Imagine MPH bookstore or Badan Book Store or whatever book store launched such a spectacular offer!

But, don’t ever dream of this to happen…haha… This is just a joke! If you have the 1Malaysia Book Voucher, please use them wisely. Buy books that are going to be useful for you and your self development. I plan to buy a self or personal development book myself. Also don’t forget to bring your matric card or student identification card when using this voucher.


If there is a book shop that can trade the voucher with a cool BlackBerry Bold 9900 like this, who can resist? The cartoon was taken from today's Harian Metro.

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